Monday, December 6, 2010

MindsOne - Might Be

This post is Long over due. The brothers "MindsOne" released a Dope Album named "Self Reliance"
earlier this Fall. Some of the Members are DC natives now living in North Carolina. Although im
yet to meet Them in person, i was really messing with their sound when they hit me up last year for a beat.
I sent them the track and the song came about, they hit up my man Kev Brown and he hopped on the track for a verse
If you get a chance, go on itunes and cop "Self Reliance"
Its a real well put together album
Some of the producers including myself were Kon Sci (mindsONE), J Rawls, Kev Brown and Illmind
Once again, happy i can contribute to an album with that cast of producers .

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stik Figa's From the Top EP

I've been hearing about Stik Figa since the myspace days through the big bro, Oddisee. Finally Stik made the trip from Topeka to DC and i just so happened to be there. Odd and Stik were working on the EP, and i played Stik some beats and he picked one of my beats that later became, "From the Top" the title track of his EP.
Stik later recorded on the track and after i left, Oddisee added, horns, synths and bass to the beat.
Anyways, Stik Figa is one of my new favorite artists and im just glad i could contribute to the project. Oddisee and Stik made a great EP. Be sure to check out "bucket", my favorite track on the EP.